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Monday, March 30, 2009

Top Tips for Classic Car Restoration

Car Restoration

Classic car restoration is one of the most rewarding activities a car enthusiast can perform. Transforming a “seemingly old car” back into a classic vehicle in all of its glory is nothing less than art.

Car owner must know how to properly evaluate the condition of a car and then establish the level of car restoration to be performed to such vehicle. There are 4 levels of classic car restoration. These are the top tips for classic car restoration who want to reverse the effects of ‘the sands of time’ on their vehicles:

1. Inspect your car very carefully, top to bottom, inside and out; use strong flashlights to inspect the trunk, the engine area, etc. If possible take it to a car shop where it could be lifted to take a good look at the condition from beneath. Here you will determine if the car restoration process is worth the time and money.

2. After inspecting the vehicle, it is also important to decide whether you have a ’solid’ car which can be restored without replacing the entire frame, floor, axles, etc. By ’solid car’ we are inferring that the car structure should be strong, as well as the floor; a little rust can be repaired but a completely rusty car which has the entire frame compromised will eventually crumble.

3. Decide whether you want to work with a “friend who knows how to repair cars” or a professional. Cars restoration did by people other than professionals tend to run well for a couple of years and in some cases start to breakdown thereafter.

4. Decide the level of car restoration:

a. Driver car restoration: is often performed to get a car back to a fully functional and operational condition, they often include part replacement and minor cosmetic adjustments.

b. Street Show: this car restoration level involves getting a car into a fully working condition and repairing all major cosmetic problems (body work is required).

c. Show Car: restoring a classic car back to this form often requires professional work, if judged by a professional, there restorations and labor quality will fall within the 90-95 point range.

d. Concours: this is the highest level of car restoration possible. All the work should be done by professionals, from part replacement to body work.

5. Start the car restoration process, if possible follow a 2 step procedure (part replacement and chassis adjustments). Visit the car shop as often as possible to make sure the right work is being done.

6. Take it for a ride and see if it works correctly.

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