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Monday, March 16, 2009

All new Honda City-2009

All new Honda City-2009 After a long hold, the fans finally All new Honda Cityin India may be pleased to have a small Honda sedan this pledge, because the PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) has officially launched its latest series of the All new Honda City which is given a name, All New Honda City, Thursday (27/11/2008).

Mini sedan that has been produced since 2003, this set looks so revolutionary compared to earlier variants All new Honda City. Changes in total can be seen from the side various All New Honda City. Both the exterior design, interior, and the kitchen or spur engines.
all new honda city 2009
On the exterior, sporty and luxurious feel so strong . It is seen from the front grill design of the new hexagon shaped that integrates with the front and to the aft side of the Fender. This design, sporty addition to the impression, that can also create aerodinamika of All New Honda City to be more perfect.

Design is also collaborating with the slick design with a high trunk deck, and cut off the tail on the back of the dynamic. Moreover, the back of the All New Honda City is also having a design mutahir, that is, the use of the pentagonal 3-dimensional effect of the addition to the luxury vehicles, while also providing enough light so that light can directly improve the safety while driving at night day.

Part in the All New Honda City is also a cabin with a capacity terlapang in class. So that they can make the passengers comfortable.

All cabins New Honda City has been equipped with the glove box a larger, 7-cup holder to put the bottle to drink, under the seat box can be used to deviate the various documents and luggage capacity of 506 liters of reach and is the largest in its class.

All New Honda City is also a vehicle that has a variety of entertainment features that are complete enough. Because already equipped with the Double Din W / USB + + READY WMA/MP3/WAV/AUX ipod that has been equipped with sound surrond and WOW Effect illmination display that has the look interesting and can reassure the driver that are currently driving.

For the engine, All New Honda City, which already meet the Euro 4 this standardization are now have mengusung engine 1.5 liter i-VTEC four-cylinder that has been equipped with a resonator and Torque Boost Drive By Wire is the perfect combination to get the most power but still economical fuel.

With this combination, the strength of All New Honda City are now growing up to become a 10 hp 120 hp at 6600 rpm torsi with the maximum 14.8 kgm at 4800 rpm. This is the strength of the class.

Features paddle shift All New Honda City have also entered the phase 'modern'. Because of possible drivers to shift gear by pressing the button on the steering wheel.

And for security issues, Honda does not seem to want to play in the car gresnya this. For security devices that are on the All New Honda City is spelled out is quite complete.

Because the technology is equipped with a braking ABS (Antilock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and BA (brake Assist), Neck Shock Mitigation Seat, seat belt with pretensioner and load limiter, dual SRS Airbags, and the structure of the G-body CON + technology Compactibility Advanced Engineering (ACE) and have been through tabrak test (crash test) in the Real World Crash Test Facility Honda in Tochigi, Japan.

All New Honda City, which has 6 color choices is interesting, with the price offered is enough 'excite' ie, Rp 239 million for the manual transmission, and Rp 252 million for the All New Honda City bertransmisi automatically.

There is also All New Honda City with bertransmisi manual reclining seat to the back benches who removed the price of Rp 249 million. Meanwhile, for the transmission of valuable otomatisnya much more expensive, ie, Rp 260 million.


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