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Automotive Performance Information

Monday, March 2, 2009

Based On The Versa, Why Don’t People Like Nissan’s Cube?

Based on the Nissan Versa and sharing its 1.8-liter, 122 HP engine, it’s here equipped with a continuously variable transmission. But really, the Cube’s raison d’etre isn’t its mechanical ability, but its body style. An upright two box like the Scion xB or Honda Element, the second generation Cube actually predated both those cars. This third generation vehicle, the first to be offered in the United States, attempts to soften the square edges, boosting both the design appeal and interior space.

The exterior is the kind of thing vacuous aesthetes go gaga for. The asymmetry and rounded boxes subvert traditional car archetypes into something that’s more akin to a slightly outdated piece of architecture or furniture. While its profile is strikingly similar to that xB, it’s radically different in detail, immediately looking like no other car on the road. Especially in a vibrant color like this teal, you’ll stand out on the road in a way that might trouble men not confident in their sexuality


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