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Monday, March 30, 2009

Something You Should Know About Aftermarket Accessories

Aftermarket Auto Accessories
Counterfeit Aftermarket Accessories and parts are as prevalent as a street vendor selling a fake Rolex on the corner. Aftermarket accessories are not any different, and consumers should be on the lookout when shopping for discount car accessories.

Since the 1980’s, criminals have been selling fraudulent high performance aftermarket accessories at a cheaper price. The lower price may save a few bucks in your pocketbook in an automotive world where gas prices are ballooning out of control. It’s understandable but dwell on this: most of these discount aftermarket accessories and parts sacrifice quality and safety with more inexpensive and less strong materials.

Sometimes what you see is not what you get. Several years ago, CBS Evening News featured a report about counterfeit aftermarket accessories. Brake pads that contained compressed grass or wood chips instead of the usual material were sold to consumers. Having faulty brake pad material could be costly in more ways than one. To be on the safe side with performance aftermarket accessories, you might do better to pay the extra money and go with a brand name you can trust.
How can the average consumer protect against aftermarket accessories fraud?

Seeing a popular brand of an auto body kit you’ve been eyeing for half price may not be for real. Shop around to see what the average price is for the aftermarket accessories and make an educated decision based on what you’ve observed.

At first glance, the aftermarket accessories package may look legitimate but closer inspection may reveal some flaws that could be signs of the part being fraudulent.

Visit trusted stores or well-recommended aftermarket accessories shops. Stick to places you or someone you know trusts. Going to distributors you’ve had good service with reduces risk as distributors often buy aftermarket accessories from the same manufacturer that has never steered them wrong.

Contact the aftermarket accessories manufacturer directly. If you’re still unsure, the manufacturer can often verify if the performance aftermarket accessories is real. Most major companies have anti-fraudulent protocols to prove the authenticity of aftermarket accessories.

It would be foolish to settle on purchasing discount aftermarket accessories just to save a few bucks. Most manufacturers have phone lines or websites devoted to reporting fraudulent aftermarket automotive accessories and parts. Protect yourself, and report these crimes if you feel you’ve been a victim.


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