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Friday, March 20, 2009

Djarum black autoblacktrough modification contest 2009

Djarum BLACK TOUR AUTOBLACKTHROUGH In order to enliven the exhibition automotive Djarum BLACK TOUR AUTOBLACKTHROUGH Gramedia EXPO 2008 in Singapore on 17 -18 May 2008, will be held race photos Hot Import Nights Magazine (Hin) Cover Hunt. Photo winners will be published as the cover Magazine Hot Import Nights, plus total prizes worth six million rupiah for the champion first, second, and third.
Competition criteria:
Photo competition open to the general public across the country.
Object and its image is a car model / SPG in the exhibition location.
Results images are not permitted to contain elements of pornography, the image cars should be more dominant.
Shooting is done by using digital media.
8r size prints, a digital file minimum 6 megapixel. Not allowed to manipulate or retouching using a computer program.
Each participant can send his work a maximum of two (2) photos, submitted no later than two (2) hours prior to the secretariat penjurian / exhibition committee (details below deadlines).
Photos submitted without the cardboard base and frame. Behind the images of ditempel paper contains a description includes the title image, the image description, name, complete address, phone number, phone number & email address of the photographer.
Winners must submit the original file in the form of a CD, inserted in a paper envelope with a photo.
PT is the race promoter. HNR Promosindo, as publisher and exhibition organizer Hot Import Nights Magazine.
Results of the first winners will be displayed as the front cover magazine Hot Import Nights with the photographers name on the "interior" / index magazine.
Results of the first, second, and third, and a number of selections from works of others who enter will be displayed in the coverage rubric gallery AutoBlack Through Surabaya in 2008 in two (2) edition of the magazine Hot Import Nights, with the photographers name.
The whole image of the entrance will only be used by PT. HNR Promosindo as mentioned above.
The Committee reserves the right to mentouch up / take 1 (one) or more objects and the sponsor logos are in the works without the images. notice.


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