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Automotive Performance Information

Monday, January 12, 2009


This is one of embahnya Skyline. Elu know if the name on the Skyline GTR R34 or Infinity G35, the two models is the generation-to-10, and 11 of the Nissan Skyline. Skyline itself initially started in 1957 is designed with the concept sedan midclass the bodinya shaped coupe, sedan or wagon. And that is in the magazine of this is the 4th generation of Skyline. Ordinary called generation C110 produced starting 1972-1977. Skyline C110 generation actually consists of type 4-door sedan, coupe HARDTOP 2 door, 5-door and wagon. To note, stop lamp rounded design characteristics Skyline started in this generation. Nah, Skyline gray owned Tom Sutan this type have a 2000 GTX (KPGC111). What is the difference with the type GTX GTR? Both are equally bertipe HARDTOP 2 door coupe, only GTX made specifically for peruntukkan executive. While the type GTR deliberately designed to improve performance, especially for the race. Although the suspected Nissan Skyline 2000GTX Tom Sutan property is only one model C110 in Indonesia, but Tom still less satisfied with the appearance. "GTR tampangnya still more valiant than GTX," said the interior area in Kemang, South Jakarta this. Know the origin, the difference between GTR and GTX have designs on the grill, details accessories, engine type and features in the cabin. So the project is Tom Sutan GTX on this is to change the car's look into GTR. Concentration of the course is to the exterior. Grill original dismantled, and with the help of images from several magazines and the Internet, grill-GT-R was designed from fiberglass dof then be painted black. Applications are next on the body kit. Design body kit ala 'stash' as this is indeed famous in those times. General shape under the bumper and spoiler in the rear baggage. For this detail, "Made of fiberglass materials, design pattern from the die cast toys," said Tom who is also this classic collector BMW. Supporting other, over fiberglass Fender with about 5 cm wide participate in the added spakbor Emblem and GT-R diboyong directly from Japan. Touch of a GT-R is thick with the style of racing, the sector diimbuhkan cabin. Applications such as bucket seat, racing wheel and four-point roll bar. Oh yes, the difference between X-GT and GT-R is on the dashboard panel and power window. Panel dashboard GTX have touch wood panel, different from the GT-R only be painted silver screen. For the original wood panels are forced to follow the car accents GT-R be painted silver. GT-X surplus according to Tom in the power window feature, "If the GT-R, opened the glass," he said. Other features that do not exist on the type of GT-X is the indicator door lock (door lock), brake oil (brake fluid) and fuel (low fuel). Finally, in order to tidy impression arises, the dashboard console and ceiling material coated suede.


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