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Saturday, January 24, 2009

MODIFICATION Honda Prelud 'Seharga' Rp 200 Juta

Jakarta - Modifications have been like for a middle name Willy Cahyadi. This man is very especial hobby work the car to switch the display. Not infrequently, the modification of old dirombak so it appears that a new idea. "Emotions to modify the cars that have continued, as if not more restrained," said Willy detikoto greet the first in the email.

The latest is a collection dikerjakannya on the car, a Honda Prelud build up production in 1996. This new car 4 years ago had, and had also modified first. But new ideas in the head Willy nyangkut, men aged 25 years Cirebon home this merombaknya not hesitate to return.

This time, he chose the concept of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market). He chose because people are still rarely used. Honda Prelud form that is easier for the owner's house sporty modifications Namura Hyan in Jl Kembangan South is No. 15. To make a make over. "There is no difficulty pouring kretif my idea," said Willy.

Who do, Willy color and black and added wings on the back. This is to make an impression JDM accents appear in each body Prelud Honda. Velg also no escape from the hands, Volk Rayes Velg 18 Ring 8 inch wide dibalut with 225/40 tires michelin attach it on the front. Velg he use the back of the Volk Rayes Velg Ring 18 wide 9.5 inch dibalut with 235/40 tires michelin. To head lamp lighting session JDM BB4 rise to match the accents JDM, to back lampHID meccatune 12000k.

On the machine, Willy does not change too much, because the Honda engine capacity Prelud already sizeable big, so it only adds engine H23A cable plug, NGK water filter, KKN open air intake, and for the discharge of exhaust Willy polishedheader the 4-2-1 make the car sound like car drag race.

For the interior, replacing Willy seat position with its Buckerseatbelt Bride Exas 2, 4 point takata custom door trim defi BF Amber oil, prees defi Bf amber oil tempDefi BF Amber water, tempdefi control unit 2 defi VSD concept defi link unit. SOUNDSYSTEM long while unloading it, install it and power and power HCCA orion soundstream Picasso 4 channels, plus subwoffer lanzar DC 12 inch pieces of 2.

Not all the goods that use them available in the country. If you are like, Willy did not hesitate to run outside in order to create the look of the car more comfortable considered. He confessed to spend the cost of Rp 200 million and take 3 months to build a car that kesayangannya.

In the near future, Willy is also planning to follow the car in the contest Needle Black Final Battle, later in December 2008 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).


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