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Thursday, January 29, 2009

modifikasi mobil extreem

modif car extreem
modif keren
modif car
car lux
Standard Mazda 3 is already well regarded. The withdrawal peragawan that have athletic body, grooming enggak need only have a lot of cock. In addition, because a good body, wear any clothes model also looks cool. But of course the program should be adjusted to get reasonable. This theory is applied by Eddy Kurniawan H 3 on the 2007 Mazda own. "Because the more often used for daily, the body kit must also be realistic according to usage," said Eddy.


So this was the man berkacamata select several models in clothing design pantes results' home mode 'international. In addition enggak Economics, design enggak can also be quickly make people bored alias durable. "Usually because following the trend, after a trend change, the old model so stale."

Enggak surprisingly fell to the selection of the design style of Japanese origin Auto exe. The reason for the design and dynamic look sporti. Visible from the front bumper of the following hole that big wind catcher. Similarly with the rear bumper. While the side skirt has a spoiler trap the withdrawal. Following the change front bumper gril be Ings-use products. "If we still use the original is still less sporti."
In addition, the product body kit this is rarely the tide, so the age can be a longer life because people will be bored enggak view. "Basically, this product is suitable for all."

Complete life change felly NKB size 19x8, 5-inch front and 19x9, 5 inches back. Dibalut the Achilles berdimensi 225/35ZR19 tires (front) and 235/35ZR19 (rear). Mengimbanginya, per RSR be using products that combined with the quasi-standard. Bodi down around 2-3 cm.


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