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Friday, January 30, 2009

Honda Civic Street Fashion

modif extreem
warna emas
body paint car

There are two Civic that inhabit the area display New-D (Dimension Club) in the event Djarum Black Autoblackthrough 2008 series Medan. If the one (green) mengusung concept JGTC (Japanesse touring the Grand Championship), another case with the Civic this one. Attend the third time in the same place, some changes disetting back for pursuing the concept of "Street Fashion" as the flow of diusungnya now.
Based on the functionality of vehicles daily, Aliong (31), representing the owner Rendy Gono are currently proceeding studies in Kuala Lumpur, menuturkan some changes that directly dibesutnya special event for 2008.modif mobil

"For 2008 we are doing the addition in pengecatan, engine accessories, some made from carbon interior and most of the main terms of entertainment we are now more full than yesterday," said the man who daily work in the workshop this NX bit singkat.Dan indeed, the one that now looks quite prominent, in addition to some additional modifications, such as carbon bonnet custom, custom luggage, Veilside wing custom paint and carbon airbrush tribal gradation added, the surplus in the sector referred to the Audio modifikator as the main focus of the Civic jebolan young this year.sound car

"The target we are now racing the same street NGEJAR audio mas," accuse him. And on the basis that Aliong also spend most time on the detail processing system entertainment device in the back seat of the total has changed functions. With the application device set Speaker Venom 4, 6 fruit subwoofer, Head avt, 3 TV Rockford tersokong 5 Power Venom and 3 fruit capacitors, Aliong also mengkalim uniqueness that makes it different in the event this time ABT 2008.

"The design of this can be dismantled audionya post, so can be removed detached ga-like audio other modifications." he said offshore. Meanwhile, when asked about the reason mengusung street fashion instead of street racing as one of the co-klubnya, unadorned Aliong said, "Yes this vehicle is basically a day-to-day use, if for street racing, street in Medan, has not been feasible to dimaksimalkan I, "he added again.


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