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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yaris Groovy 2009

After the competitors dress up, even with the face showing the new total, this year Toyota Yaris only try to show little change or with "minor change". However, changes in exterior, especially the front of the face, enough to make the look "groovy" is more trendy. More fresh and dynamic!

Gril & Bumper. Changes made on each variant Yaris, which consists of type A (standard), E (medium) and S (sport) or most luxurious vary. In the future, the same part of the third variant is the form of a bumper and gril.

The differences appear on the spoiler of the type E and S with J. Type S has a spoiler (lip) in the middle of the bottom of the bumper, while the type A screw loose, no.

Under the fog lights, added aero mudguard for all types. However, the form for the type S with E and A different. Other differences, the type S is equipped with fog lights plus the cover of the Garnish. While the A and E without fog lights.

Gril showing the structure of the hive. While the bumper below it, a line harisontal. The combination of new and bumper gril this, create a more dynamic look Yaris than previous versions.

For the future, the change is very small. Glance, can not be distinguished between the old version with the new. According to Toyota is a different size of the surface light.
Back. Behind the changes made in the design of the bumper and the police. The last mentioned, size greater than Yaris and long form letter "V". For type S, rear spoiler made more sharp. While in the E type have additional aeromudguard.

Taillight little changed despite a few design essentially the same form. Yellow lens for light signal is made more explicit. To stop light, LED multireflektor used.

Pelek alloy that is used today, using the crossbar 8 (previously 5). Other changes in compliance with variannya. For S, outside rearview mirror equipped with lampun sein that the current trend.
Interior. In the interior changes only on the color panel and place a stick shift. The new version, comes with a stylish silver bright. While for the S variants using titanium silver. Setirnya equipped with some extra buttons to set the audio. This feature makes the S type of luxury!

Also changes the color and pattern on the seats and interior trim. Additional other, according to the target users, the young among them, provided the interface to connect the iPod to the audio in the car.
Engine. For machines not changed and remain the same as the previous version. According to Joko Trisanyoto, Marketing Director of TAM, Toyota assessing the performance of this engine now has a maximum.

Interesting also, is the Toyota engine can use E20 ethanol fuel or gasoline with a mixture of ethanol content 20%.

Also described the changes in the Yaris, especially accessories is the result of the design team of designers plus winners Toyota Toyota design years ago. According to Johnny Darmawan, although the Yaris is not made in Indonesia, but had to design accessories made in Indonesia.

"In fact, in the Asean region, the taste of Indonesia's most high," he said. Because of that accessory New Yaris is also marketed to ngara-Asean countries.

Specific to the type S adalagi that make the fun and style, the smart keyless entry, or for transmission otomatik. And of course, the Yaris is the most wah style, because to turn off the engine and be done with the button.

Panjang x Lebar x Tinggi (mm)
3.750 x 1.695 x 1.520

Jarak sumbu roda (mm)

4 silinder, segaris,
16 katup, DOHC, VVT-i
1.497 cc
Diameter x langkah
75,0 x 84,7 mm
Daya maks.
109PS @6.000 rpm
Torsi maks.
14,4 kg-m @4.200 rpm

Perbedaan fitur pada Yaris berdasarkan tipe


J (standar)
E (sedang)
S (mewah)
Manual 5 kecepatan

Automatik 4 kecepatan, Super ECT
Sistem rem: Depan
Cakram berventilasi, ABS, EBD, BA


Teromol ABS, EBD, BA
Cakram, ABS, EBD, BA
Dual airbag
Catatan. ABS: Antilock Brake System, EBD; Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, BA : Brake Assist


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