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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Ferrari modified! Yup, that was made of the owner Mr M-enggak usah requested his name is called the origin-of Surabaya. Imagine, bodinya to have all the dibor.

Ferrari dimodif that this type of Modena 360 years of production in 2003. Enggak need only be modified, the prancing horse logo sedan has been invited amazed. In addition bercita sense of high design, the number of sport sedan preparation of this Italian manufacturer with a finger in Indonesia.

Mr M is for modification of the world. He dares to submit Si Merah home modifications because KJ Auto Fashion has menjajal before. But not with Ferrari, but a black Porsche 911 Carrera that had shown in years ago.

From touch of skilled hands and Adi Roy, owner of KJ Auto Fashion, Mr M felt satisfied with the Porsche display. Both in terms of quality, detail, and cleanliness. "Now turn his Ferrari," Roy proud.

Try Tebak, part of which has been Roy and Adi? Not many, I. Only add lips spoiler wing and rear of fiberglass material. Surely there is a thought, "Ah that's easy to do the work!"

Yes, the object is a normal sedan. Ferrari and the process is outside the natural sciences modifications. Usually, the beginning of creating a master dimal in the original bumper that will be a mattress. After the master is finished, made kopinya. Here is the difference, Roy uses a copy of the master to be a spoiler lips, and master's saved. "Of course it is neat because it is lightweight and thin. But do not give up power," said Roy.

For installation, not just dilem, but strengthened again with the two screw. Thus, the original bumper and spoiler dibor. The goal, when the impact occurred, spoiler lips remain firmly alias can not be separated.

Meanwhile, the rear wing manufacture far more bold. The position is in the top of the engine room and must be resistant to high temperatures or excessive heat. Hence, the portion of Silicon glue more. However, Mr M will replace the lips and the wing rear spoiler with carbon fiber material.

Besides wings, Mr M also made the velg Fabulous spek really have to jump up and down horse. The four wheels installed Detonatore Mesh 20 inch hubcap berlambang following jingrak horse imported directly from Japan. Velg celong the lips chrome reinforce the aroma racing


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