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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mobil Arina-micro mobil from semarang

Jakarta - Cars attract Arina Minister of Industry Fahmi Idris. Fahmi also menjajal akan test drive a car or mini Semarang from this.

According to the plan the Minister of Industry Fahmi Idris akan visit to Semarang on Friday 3 March 2009 to see the micro car Arina.

"Menperin also try akan Arina 150 cc car," said the Head of Laboratory Design Appropriate Use of Technology Mechanical Engineering Department of the State University of Semarang, car creator Arina, Widya Aryadi to detikOto, Thursday (2/4/2009) the night.

Fahmi Idris visit to Semarang in the socialization Exhibition Production Indonesia (PPI), which will be held at the Jakarta International Expo on 13-17 May 2009.

According to Widya, lawatan Menperin to precisely in Semarang Hotel Patra Jasa Semarang Jalan Sisingamangaraja simultaneously to encourage local automotive industry in Semarang participate showcase the results of its production on the micro car Arina PPI later.

"Hopefully, with the arrival Menperin, the local automotive industry in Semarang at this time can help to absorb labor from the local automotive component industry and the body of a car industry in the country," said Widya.

Arina car designed for 4 passengers, while the engine is available in Arina this engine is quite economical in its use, ie, 1 liter to 40 km and get power to 10.5 hp with a speed of 70 km per hour to 150 c engine


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