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Automotive Performance Information

Friday, March 21, 2008

Yamaha Vino, a Mio retro style

Yamaha's success saling automatic bike in Indonesia influenced other manufacturer to sale the same bike type. After Yamaha Nouvo, Yamaha launch Yamaha Mio which has won Indonesian market and forced Honda and Suzuki to take a role in this class. Honda launched Honda Vario and Suzuki lauched Suzuki Spin and Skywave to compete Yamaha Mio. Then, Yamaha launch Mio Soul and we hear some rumors in recent days that Yamaha will bring their retro bike to Indonesia, Yamaha Vino. People call it Yamaha Mio Vino, yups .. it could be a retro style of Yamaha Mio, not like it's original Vino which has only 50CC capacity, but 125CC.

Yamaha Mio Vino, Mio gaya Retro

Well,.. let's pay attention to the following specs:


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