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Automotive Performance Information

Saturday, August 8, 2009


NISSAN GTRNissan GT-R is considered to be "car of the gods" for the penggila speed. How does not. From the display, two-door sedan is not only exude the impression sprightly and nimble, but also very strong aura with its full power. Hence, the principal, when the birth GT-R, do not want to change the speed element.

Including, the Nissan GT-R, which is reluctant to name. Instead, he attempted to optimize the potential of the product in Japan is. The options, for R35 GT570 is injected with a package from HKS spur in the kitchen.

Such as blow-off valve kit HKS super SQV, intercooler pipe, turbo actuators, center pipe, extension pipe, water filters, and spark plugs, all dijejali from HKS. Then, update all computer software related to the rpm launch control with the latest version.

The owners also tried to open all the capacity constraint on the ECU. How, do reflash AP1 related to the ignition timing and fuel. With a spur to update the kitchen, now Nissan GT-R is claimed to only have about 600 staff dk.


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