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Automotive Performance Information

Monday, August 3, 2009


Brabus, the official home Modifikasi Mercedes Benz show his work again. Now the Mercedes Benz M Class. Change M Class offered include wide Body, Suspensi foot-and leg machines. Composition Brabus engine is capable of a called-out energy hungga 550 dk. A new package called now introduced to all types of M-Class
AutomotiveRoll - Mercedes Benz M class is the car that have a strong character, because it must look outside diutamakan.Body kit Widestar kit including front bumper fruit with 3 air holes and additional extra fog lights. 4 In addition to fruit foglamp, daytime running light which is the completeness of the standard use LED (Light Emitting diode). Fender including front and rear side skirt holes disposal have sex hot brakes. Rear bumper has a diffuser, and sport exhaust system with 4 units beraksen chrome exhaust spout.

widestar looks fierce with the application velg Brabus monoblock E generation of didesai special. Measuring 23 inches by 11 inches wide, 3 pieces rim this combined high performance tires size 315/25ZR23 for the front and back. Suspensi Airmatic air original default has control of the Brabus module for this function and maximize the performance of the leg-foot. The effect ground clearance down 30 mm, and add handling SUV sangar this.

All this grandeur of SUVs do not change with the engine. Brabus offers a choice of engines for all types of M-Class. Diesel from the motorized version up to top of the line, ML63, no escape from the cold hand of the tuner. For engines that use diesel ML 280 CDI, Brabus has PowerXtra ECO D5 which generate 52 additional energy dk. Type ML 320 CDI added e6 power kit that produces energy from the default 272 dk 224 dk-only. Medium top version, equipped with an ML 420 CDI Brabus D8 kit is removing the power of 350 dk's V8 turbo diesel engine with common rail injection.

For the owner of M-Class plant fuel also satisfied by Brabus Widestar. Start with 350 ML B7 power kit that increase the output power up to 287 dk. Type ML 500 that act viscera increased capacity to 6100 cc and produced energy 462 dk. Until in the end most variants gres, ML 63 is now equipped with power kit B63S. Equipped with a monster 550 dk, B63S can berakselerasi 0 - 100 km / h with just 4.9 seconds and record the new maximum speed of up to 275 km / hour.


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