Automotive Performance Information
Automotive Performance Information

Sunday, February 1, 2009


As leader of market in the truck with back forage ladder of class of truck 1.500 DC with its product of principal support of the jazz of Honda, Honda pint prospect engine (HPM) while Honda make the exclusive agent, were not difficult to maintain its achievement. Moreover with the terbaru of product it, all new jazz of Honda JAZZ which it last Friday dilaunching (27/6), with precision aspect did not have the difficulty in jumping in before during the second quarters upwards until the four years. Because of two competitors of force, did not have the product of principal support to whip it. As the engine of pint Toyota Astra (TAM) made . downwards to catch up with the jazz (the long version) also not extremely. Except if TAM put Auris that the design of its outside was softer. Matter like Spc. also lowered was made by the International one of pint Indomobil Niaga (IMNI) against the fast CKD. The fitur-fitur of Bahkan and its technological equipment - as the brake - with the itur of four trucks followed the system of disc. Was after different, Chevrolet Aveo have an engine 1.500 DC, but the world Indonesia (GMAWI) of GM Astra aimed below 500 units.

With the difference of the memantek of director Pt HPM from Honda, Jonfis Fandy, sale and after-sales service the diagram 20 thousand units until the end of December 2008. This means that each month turned 3.000 units in general and apparently be did not pass through was difficult although having the obstacle with rise in BBM. was counted was not difficult, because of the aspect of the new jazz with various innovations to be very of support. Left 's be complete side of its outside. The cap which the gradient was adopted of F1, gave many benefit to the surface of the accesses. The obstacle with the wind (CD) better than the model in advance. The design of the broad windshield maximized visibilitas the driver. Small glasses increased in the pillar of only has which was large, did not embellish also helped the driver could detect the distance from the right-sided. The side aspect of samping, the sketch of the dynamic lines impressed all the new sporting jazz and implied the fast truck. The shape of small glasses behind (in the pillar of C) which was larger than the model in advance, aspect united with small glasses which in the pillar of A.

Is it true that all the new Honda jazz this the truck which could take off quickly? If being known as GOOD, probably you did not believe, but could be paid great attention with beam these data. Finished cap was kept machine 1.497 DC with the technological i-DSI of collaboration and the VTEC (i-VTEC) more the order by the wire. Not only that, with the powerful kitchen 120 of tooth of the picosecond were obtained by the resonator of Torque Boost (TBR). Were the technology of Honda which was assigned with the torsion of increase in round bottom and the power in the high round. For the system of transmission, when the generation is in advance equipped by technology with CVT, currently only 5 automatic speeds. In spite of this, was recorded which was first in its class. In the matis of transmission which was equipped by the order with catch with shift (SHC) which had the surplus eliminated the trasmisi from movement was abundant while turning. For when in the curve was obtained by comfort and output of the fuel of displacement. However when SHC this nondifungssikan, the movement of the excessive transmission occurs makes acceleration and speed was not maximum.

Trus, so with the model were for a long time the teeth pemindahaan in the model of F1 (steermatic), currently was replaced by a pair splash above the rudder. Like, fitur that this only was obtained in the alternative was a more luxurious RS. Tak what, mengemudi of comfort continued to be gained with the alternative of the standard. As inside was obtained by posting multi of posting with liquid crystals of information. This device proposes the oil and gasoline information through at the distance. In always BBM msoal. the nomination of the fuel tank, that in advance was placed under the bench of passenger behind, currently was favoured with precision under the next bench of passenger. To be precise in the middle of the frame in order to produce stability that masksimal while travelling, the operation in the curve like makes the fuselage become roomy. The other opening in this new jazz, ULTRA flexibility of seat as a revolutionist in the truck with forage ladder postpones of class of truck. Innovator this facilitated kapaasitas laid out the fuselage. Not only could be folded flat, but could be fact became the level. Thus, a comfort could be in the voyage linked with this unified truck. SBT


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