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Automotive Performance Information

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Auto Performance Tuning to your car

Each principal mobile body and minor of your car can refine-being granted to increase speed, Auto Performance Tuning, softness, and maneuverability. Left 's explore the key zones of the execution granting and see how each one can better contribute to the drive. Auto Performance Tuning.

Refine the agreement of engine

There are several key zones of agreement which can help to give your car or to exchange a push of engine. One is to install a piece of execution. A piece of execution can be equipped in the engines with the injection of fuel and a ECU, or the electronic case of order.

With a piece of execution, the engines theturbo one often have as consequence approximately a push of power of 10 percent while the engines the turbo one often see an increase of 25 to 30 powers in horses!

The engines also see a push of power with a cam of execution, which can be adapted by an experienced mechanic or a homemechanic really quite informed. The cams of approximately 270 degrees can amplify the engine to additional expenses 12 powers in horses.

A valve of pushed power can also be installed to replace the governor automatically-controlled fuel, which is located in the fuel line of return.

Agreement of execution of brake

Be sure to increase your power of braking before increasing the power in your car. The brakes are very important for your execution and safety although they are not considered execution-improvement of the devices.

A manner simple to improve braking is to install trimmings of execution and to fix discs of execution. The brake linings of execution increase the power of braking and can resist the temperatures much higher than the regular brake linings. Air filters and agreement

Probably one of the easiest tasks of development is to replace the air filters or the element of air filter in an air filter of execution. If you have a car fuel-injected, you can also increase the flow of air by removing the original airbox, which contains the air filter and the pipes and then the replacement of him by a kit of induction.

The kit is a filter of cone which can be fixed directly at the meter of circulation of air, so creating a flow of air more directed and uninterrupted to the engine. More air means better execution of engine.

Improvement of exhaust

With exhausts, you 'about not concentrating on what 's entering the engine, but what 's outgoing. There are exhausts of execution which to the minimum reduce restrictions of pressure for the vapors which are on their exit.

The Council: Replace the exhaust manifold made with the factory by a mark of market of the accessories which is granted to amplify the power.

A better turn with the increased suspension

The suspension is another sector of agreement of principal car which passes often unperceived. The lowering of the springs can be adapted to obtain a better glance and to feel for the car. Handling is improved because the springs reduce the bread by taking corners. Moreover, the tires will have improved the contact with the road.

These springs could feel like the standard springs while leading above small bumps in the road; however, by driving back them hard stiffen and reduce the bread. This gives comfort and improved handling. The reinforced shock absorbers and bushes also increase the suspension.


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