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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

latest Jaguar XJ 75 Platinum Concept car pics

The innovative dual-view navigation screen in the all-new 2010 Jaguar XJ is undoubtedly cool, but unfortunately for Jaguar, it's currently illegal in the U.S.

The XJ's new navigation screen is designed to show two different images, depending on whether the driver or passenger is looking at it. For example, as the screen displays the navigation map to the driver, the passenger could be watching a film. The exact same screen will be offered in the new 2010 Range Rover, and a similar system has been developed by Mercedes-Benz for its S-class range.

Jaguar's chief designer, Ian Callum, has admitted that the system is "technically illegal" here in the states. National Highway Safety Transportation Administration law dictates that entertainment systems cannot be used in the front of the vehicle while it is in motion, so as not to distract the driver, although some cockpit-mounted entertainment systems do allow occupants to play movies when the car is in park.

Although the system doesn't allow the driver to access the entertainment controls on the move, and the driver cannot see the passenger's screen, the split-system still technically breaks the law as it currently stands. Jaguar is reportedly hoping NHTSA will update its laws so that it can bring the innovation to U.S. consumers.
2010 Jaguar XJ 75 Platinum Concept side image
2010 Jaguar XJ 75 Platinum Concept picture
2010 Jaguar XJ 75 Platinum
2010 Jaguar XJ 75
2010 Jaguar XJ 75 Platinum Concept


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