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Monday, July 12, 2010

First big celebrity fight of 2008.

First big celebrity fight of 2008.Kerry Katona, the ex-Atomic Kitten singer, ushered in the New Year with a big fight with her mother-in-law. The drama was captured live by MTV’s crew. They were present to film a reality TV show on Kerry and her New Year party. MTV had their bonus early.

Marilyn Croft, mother of Kerry’s husband, Mark Croft, was said to be the culprit. She argued with some family member. Kerry stepped into the fray to defuse the situation but it blew up bigger than ever. Kerry then asked her MIL to leave the house. Kerry presently is carrying her 4th baby. She would be delivering in another 6 months’ time.

First big celebrity fight of 2008.Kerry Katona with her new car in 2007


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