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Automotive Performance Information

Sunday, February 21, 2010

VATH Mercedes E 500 Coupe Reviews

Tuner VATH Automobiltechnik has taken the new Mercedes E 500 Coupe to the abutting akin by applicable it with a detached anatomy kit and additionally accretion its achievement acknowledgment to their new amalgamation alleged the V50S.

On the absolute apparatus account accessible for the VATH Mercedes E 500 Coupe we acquisition a set of custom 20 inch admeasurement auto captivated in achievement tires, a carbon fyber addle-brain lip, cossack lid lip and rear diffuser, an adjustable shock cushion that can lower the agent from 20 to 65 mm as able-bodied as high-performance brakes. The dynamical actualization was able with the advice of the accomplished accessory box mechanism: in fenders VÄTH accommodated 20 in. 3-part Smiths Auto with high-efficiency pneumatics, sized 245/30-20 and 285/25-20. The complete apartment will amount you 8,211 Euro including montage.

For artery action cars VÄTH offers a complete active gear, with a congenital adjustable acerbity control. Acknowledgment to the adjustable shock-absorber, the car’s anatomy can be bargain by 20 to 65 mm. The action agent costs 2,963 Euro.

Additionally, for aerial achievement VÄTH provided a anchor apparatus (5,355 Euro incl. antagonism anchor aqueous Castrol SRF and adjustable tubes of a anchor drive) with 6-position anchor calipers and 378 mm ample anchor disks.

Plant-produced and absolutely carbon-made: advanced adverse (1,416 Euro) in carbon self-confidently and effectively underlines the abstruse address of the Coupés. The baggage carrier-spoiler (1,761 Euro) and aback diffuser (1,773 Euro), additionally produced from band carbon, complete/perfect or analogously accord to a sportier look.

VÄTH offers about great possibilities for alone autogenous equipment. Thus, back requested, the central of the car can be absolutely akin with black skin. In addition, we action Carbon-Interior-Packet (2,737 Euro) for high-quality autogenous possibilities in all variations.

Further accessories like velour bottom mats (226 Euro) and speedometer (1,297 Euro) with a calibration up to 330 km/h achieve a advanced ambit of options for autogenous space.


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