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Automotive Performance Information

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fuel From Water

Hydrogen Fuel Cells for the 21st century!

Fuel from water! Fact or Fiction? Fact!

FACT! Water can not burn unless the atoms that make up water are split into gas. A very simple Process!

Learn how to build an electrolyzer fuel cell. We will teach you how to get fuel from water and with that information
you can learn how to run any gasoline engine on water, it's a very simple process. The amount of gas that is
output will depend on the proper construction of the cell itself. You can also use hydrogen to cook with or help
heat your home.

A customer who bought our plans quickly put together a small Fuel Cell Unit. Using an 8 oz glass of water he had
enough hydrogen to power his Bunsen burner many days! He was amazed that he could get that much energy from
just one glass of water.

The fuel cells are easy to build from supplies you can find in your home or at any hardware store in your area.
We do not store the Hydrogen and oxygen in large containers, we use it on demand, we make it as it is needed
which makes using these fuel from water cells safe to use.


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