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Friday, January 30, 2009


Event ABT Medan 2008 event can be spelled "come back" to its owner's car this one. "Two years ago I came down in ABT Medan. While years ago I had a follow-up, because the task is outside the city, "said Santo, owner Mitsubishi Galant following the release in 1998.
Men who joined the club in the Domino-R car in the city of Medan this mengusung theme "touring car" in the modified car. "In the event ABT Medan this time, I have three targets, Best touring Look, Best Mitsubishi, and Best Cutting Sticker," augment him.

To reach that target, Santo supply changes on the car with the engine, exterior and interior. While the audio system does not Dilirik. Hence the back of the cabin left melompong alias plain.

Literary work in the engine, including engine to swap VR4 turbo engine with intercooler engine which is a built-up Mitsubishi Galant. On the exterior, the changes include cutting sticker full body, wide body, a custom body kit, custom wing, rear mirror acryllic, HKS exhaust, velg Volk Racing TE 37, Pirelli Dragon 225/35 tires, and the informer carbon Kevlar. On the interior, the changes include Recaro racing seats, wheel and pedal set Sparco. Meanwhile, oil temperature indicator, water temperature, and boost controler using lansiran Defi. Melangkapi theme modifications in the interior, roll bar Santo provide custom 6-point in the car cabin.

With the stock like this, it seems quite competitive target Santo kan .... How, Mr. - Mr. jury?


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